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Parent Parties


Adults Only Parties


Wine Tasting
Hosted by:  Meghan Stromberg (1st Grade Parent) 

Enjoy a unique and memorable wine experience during this two hour tasting event.  Kevin Ball, President of In Grape Company, will present six wines while discussing tasting techniques, general wine knowledge, wine selection and collection management.    

Date:  4/1, 7:00 pm
Price:  $30
Slots:  8
Location:  Albany Park (Meghan’s Home)


Poker Party
Hosted by:  Erin Payne (4th Grade Parens)

Who's ready to go all in and put on your poker face?! Open to 16 players, 2 tables of tournament style Texas hold 'em in our W Rogers Park home. Need a refresher, we will have print outs of the poker hand rankings. Prizes for the top finishers. Buffet style dinner and drinks will be served.  

Date:  4/22,  7 pm
Price:  $40
Slots:  16
Location:  Rogers Park (Payne’s Home)


Musicians Wanted:  Basement Band Jam
Hosted by:  Mike Ryan (4th Grade Parent)

Bring your talents to our basement studio & free your spirit! We've got the P/A, drumset, Rhodes, bass and guitar amps, & glockenspiel.  Food and libations will be provided

Date:  5/5, Evening
Price:  $40
Slots:  8
Location:  Albany Park


Cards Against Humanity Game Night
Hosted by:  Beth Whitney and Susan Zeigler (5th Grade Parents)

Play the ADULTS-ONLY game that once held the best seller top spot on Amazon’s Toys and Games list.  The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from their card, and everyone else answers with their funniest card. Politically INcorrect  . . . and a lot of fun.

Date:  5/6, 6:00pm
Price:  $30
Slots:  10
Location:  Portage Park (Beth’s House)


Mom’s Margarita Night
Hosted by:  Katie Mitchell and Alison Hutchinson (Kindergarten Moms)

THE ladies' night of the year! Join other ERGC Moms for margaritas, cervezas and tacos . . . and great conversation and fun. Ole!   

Date: 5/20, 6-9pm
Price:  $40
Slots:  25
Location:  Near Edison (Katie's Home)


Creative Retreat: Make Your Own Terrarium
Hosted by: Katie Swindler (Kindergarten Parent)

Enjoy a relaxing, grown-ups only, creative escape.  Learn to make a succulents terrarium or, if you lack a green thumb, a dried-plants terrarium.  Bring your own container - everything else will be provided including plants, rocks, moss, soil, tools and plenty of help and instruction.  Wine and cheese will be served.  

Date: 5/27, 4-6pm
Price: $40 per person
Slots: 8
Location: Albany Park


Edison Trivia Night – 2nd Edition
Hosted by: Sheila Quirke & Jeremy Hornik; Alexis & Jeff Leverenz (2nd Grade Parents)

Returning by popular demand is Edison’s Trivia Night!  Come out for an evening of fun and treats with fellow Edison parents. Jeremy Hornik will MC a team trivia event with a mix of high and low culture questions. Think Kafka meets the Kardashians. Who will take home the trophy this year? Food bites and alcoholic beverages provided.

Date: 6/1, 7pm
Price:  $30
Slots:  30
Location:  West Town


BBQ and Beer!
Hosted by:  Simone and Peter Nabicht (1st Grade Parents)

Grab a taste of the South . . .on the North side of Chicago! Home-smoked southern barbecue paired with fresh, local beer. Dine on a spread of smoked meats (pork and non pork), homemade pickles, cornbread and honey butter, collard greens and other sides, southern pies, homemade ice cream, and home preserved fruits. Growlers of beer from local breweries will round out the menu.

Date:  6/3, 6:30pm
Price:  $40
Slots:  8
Location:  Albany Park (Nabicht's Home)


Strategy Games:  A Meeting of the Minds
Hosted by:  Emily & Paul Kneer (1st Grade Parents)

Get together for an afternoon of strategy games (i.e. Axis & Allies, Risk, Stratego, Diplomacy). Sandwiches from Pastoral, snacks, and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be at hand to fuel the strategic mind!

Date:  6/17, 12pm – 5pm
Price:  $30
Slots:  8
Location:  Albany Park


Deck (Dinner) Party
Hosted by:  Heidi Steiner & Dan Weiss (4th Grade Parents)

 Enjoy the picturesque views of the alley and annoy the neighbors! Bask in the warm night air and relive your youth (except dinner will be served, the beer will be better, and you do have to leave eventually and pay the babysitter).

Date:  6/17, 6:30 pm
Price:  $40
Slots:  30
Location:  Roscoe Village


Murder on the Menu:  Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Hosted by: Darin & Jennifer Rauworth; Darlene & Dimitri Hepburn (2nd Grade Parents)

Join a group of interesting people . . . and potentially become a “person of interest.”  A fun, light-hearted evening where the dinner guests become the characters in a murder mystery.  Character profiles and scripts will be provided.  The story will play out over a delicious dinner menu and adult beverages.  Just remember to be nice to the cook . . . we don’t yet know the identity of the murderer! 

Date: 8/12, 6:30pm
Price:  $40
Slots:  10
Location:  Sauganash (Rauworth's Home)


Backyard Bash! 
Hosted by:  Dannah & Jon Hill; Karrie & Howard Stanley;  Alexis & Jeff Leverenz (2nd Grade Parents) 

Returning for a second year!  Play corn hole and euchre under the stars while communing with nature in a beautiful backyard garden.  Great music, craft beer and delicious snacks along with games and great conversation. 

Date:  8/26, 7pm
Price:  $30
Slots:  24
Location:  Logan Square (Hill's Home)

KID Parties

Cupcakes and Cocktails
Hosted by:  Tricia Green & Scott Badgley (1st Grade Parents) 

A culinary event where kids and parents both get to dabble in their own culinary pursuits!   Kids decorate cupcakes and take (at least) 6 home.  Parents garnish martini glasses to help the happy juice go down smoother.   Make a sugary mess in someone else's back yard!  Outdoor kid friendly activities when the decorating is over.  Vodka/mixers/beer and cupcakes will be provided. 

Date:  6/10, 2-4 pm (will reschedule if raining)
Price:  $25
Slots:  10 kid/parent couplets
Location:  Roscoe Village


Kid’s Tea Party
Hosted by:  Jill Sommerfeld and Varonda Spence (2nd Grade Parents)

How lovely it would be to join your Edison friends for tea.  Put on your fanciest frock and enjoy an afternoon of games and activities including a treasure hunt in the garden, jewelry making and painting your own tea cup followed by a formal tea party on fine china.  There will be an assortment of hot and cold beverages, finger sandwiches and endless desserts. Since a tea party would not be complete without the proper attire, each guest will be adorned with a feather boa, pearls and a fascinator (hat).

Date:  8/19, 12 – 2 pm
Price:  $30
Slots:  10 kids (K-2)
Location:  TBD